Sunday, March 29, 2009

Planning for the Trip of a Lifetime

David and I will be getting married August 22 2009 and have been planning to spend our first two months as husband and wife in beautiful Australia. The decision to go to Australia came when David qualified for the Canadian National Triathlon Team. The world championships will be held in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast beginning September 9 2009. We thought that this was the perfect opportunity to enjoy each others company and the excitement of visiting a new country.

Between planning for the wedding and moving into our new home we have managed to fit in some planning. We have set a tentative schedule and will be leaving Edmonton on August 28 2009 and arriving in Sydney on August 30. We will be returning to Edmonton on October 30 2009. The Flights are booked and we are ready to go!

Throughout our travels David and I will be posting on this blog regularly to keep everyone updated. We figured that this would be the best way to stay in touch with our family and friends back home and to allow others to read about our adventures.

So keep posted and I hope you enjoy reading about our trip!


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