Saturday, August 29, 2009

Longest Flight Ever!

We are officially here! It was hands down the longest flight ever... It was a grand total of fourteen hours and forty five minutes and it felt like an eternity. We were given three meals. Dinner at the beginning of the flight, a sandwich midway through and breakfast two hours before landing. We were so sore when we got off of the plane. Muscles start to cramp up so fast when you are sitting for that long! Both David and I slept spuratically throughout the flight and we are exhausted. I can't speak for David but I think I may have only slept about four hours total. That's a lot of movie watching time...

Steph speaks for herself I got 7.5 hours and still had time to watch 3 movies. Met with michael and I quickly remembered that they drive backwards here. Still have not seen a toilet run backwards though!

We had the most amazing ride in! One of Dave's relatives Michael Fewchuck picked us up on his Ute (definition-pick up truck) and we drove through the city, past the opera house and over the Sydney harbour bridge to an out of town suburb where The Fewchuks live. It was incredible!

We are at the Fewchucks for an early BBQ dinner right now and then it is back to Sydney city centre to get the keys to our flat and settle in!

More from us soon!


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Kendra said...

Glad you guys finally posted something. I've been checking all day. I thought maybe you two were now living on the island with the others... ;)