Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lazy Days in Cairns

Cairns has been really relaxing and tons of fun. Our first full day we spent the morning laying by the lagoon enjoying the heat. You cannot swim in the water here because of stinger fears but that was not the only reason that we were not swimming in the ocean... That morning there had been a massive earthquake off of the vanuatu islands and they issued a tsunami warning. Luckily nothing came of it but we did watch the water very carefully.

By the time lunch rolled around it was way too hot to be outside. We packed up and had lunch at the hostel before walking down the esplanade.

That night Davis bought a digeridoo at a specialty shop and he took lessons! It was hilarious to see him playing this truely Australian instrument. Maybe if you ask him nicely when we get home he will put on a bit of a show!

Our second day in cairns we took the skyrail to a small mountain village called kuranda. The skyrail is a 7.5km gondola that takes you over the rainforest canopy and into the town. It was beautiful! We spent a lot oftime walking around the shops and markets in kuranda which is an old hippy town. We took the kuranda scenic railway back which is a train and rail line built in the 1800's. The trip back to the city took almost two hours and was absolutely beautiful.

That night we went out to a pub called the woolshed where we met a couple of guys from Edmonton! We always end up drawn to other canadians. We had a great late night but we knew we had to wake up early to drive to port Douglas so we packed up and went to bed.


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