Sunday, October 11, 2009

Port Douglas Brings out the City Kids in Us

We love port Douglas but we are finding that we are feeling a little too isolated. It is very far north in austalia and is known for being a small resort town with a upper end clientele. There is one main street here and it is packed with high end shops and resaurants. There are
Several large resorts but they are a little bit further out of town. We spent yesterday relaxing. After a short walk around town we decided to head down to the beach. We spent the afternoon sleeping in the sand and last night was spent playing monopoly and watching movies.

This morning we woke up a little bit tired from a restless sleep. We are the only two people in our four person dorm so we attempted to sleep in the bottom bunk together. Let's just say that it is way too small for two people. We hopped into the car and took off to cape tribulation. This was to be the most northern stop on our whole trip so we were excited. We knew not to expect many people up there because it was so remote. We had to drive up the "highway" to the daintree river where we drove onto an old school cable river ferry to take us accross the water. This is the only way to get further north. When we crossed the ferry the road became questionable but interesting. We made stops at cape tribulation beach, cow bay and a couple of lookouts before driving back down to the ferry to take it accross and drive back down to a town called mossman. We walked down to mossman gorge where we were rewarded by spectacular views and giant boulders the size of houses.

When we got back to port Douglas we had quick showers and went out for a date. We had dinner at a really nice Thai restaurant where we ate spicy curries and sweet pad Thais. After dinner we went to a bar called ironbar because we had heard that they had nightly cane toad racing. Not knowing what to expect and with me not whole heartedly supporting the idea, we paid our five dollar entry fee and prepared ourselves. It was basically a comedy show based around cane toad racing. This guy had racing toads and people were chosen out of the audience to "jockey" the toads. This meant that when he lifted the bucket off of the toads in the middle of the table they had to be the first to use a party blower ( you know, the ones you use at new years) to coax the toad off of the table and into their hand for the win. He did a couple of races and then we were able to hold the toads. It ended up being really funny and completely random.

We just picked up some ice cream cones and we are settling in for the night.

Back to cairns tomorrow!


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