Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Magnetic Island

We woke up really early and drove down to the ferry to make the eight kilometer trip over to magnetic island. The ferry was a really nice catamaran that was big enough to carry a lot of commuters back and forth between the mainland and the island.

We stayed in a hostel called bungalow bay in a settlement on the island called horseshoe bay. The hostel is attached to a koala sanctuary so the first thing we did was sign up for a tour. In the park we were guided through and taught about the animals. We were able to hold and take pictures with a giant parrot type bird, crocks, lizards, a snake and our favourite.... Barney the koala! He was so cute and sleepy and you hold him under his bum like a baby. At the end we were also introduced to a giant spider that made me freak out. I asked him where the spider came from and he said that it was found in a backyard on the island... Gross!

We slept in some pretty cool accommodations on the island. We had our own private a-frame cabin with a fridge and airconditioning. It was really nice and you felt like you were sleeping in the jungle. We actually had a gecko that became our flatmate and we named him phillip.

Our time on the island was spent bring lazy. We laid on the beach and fed possums at night. It is hard to get motivated to do anything on the island because everyone is so laid back.

We left the island after two nights relaxed and ready for the rest of our trip. We are off to the small town of mission beach for more relaxation time. Hopefully we won't have too much to blog about.


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