Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mission Beach is Paradise

Plain and simple, this is one of our top three places in Australia. It is actually a series of small towns that join up to make up the area of mission beach.

Driving in we saw signs everywhere that kept telling us to beware of cassowaries. Unfortunately when you are a tourist you have no idea what the hell to look for. So David and I were looking out for some unknown danger and there it was... A massive prehastoric bird that can grow to over six feet tall and will slice you down the middle with the giant claw on it's front toe. So thaaats what a cassowary is. You all have to google it right after you finish reading this.

We arrived at our beautiful bed and breakfast and settled into our own private bungalow.

The couple, Steve and Sharon, run the B&B and they were awesome. They have a great property with three seperate guest bungalows an outdoor pool and a covered seating area where breakfast is served. One of our first questions was where we could do laundry in town. Sharon responded by saying, right here I will do it for you for $ 5.00 a load. Hard to pass that up so we practically emptied our bags into the basket and the next day we had all clean clothes.

Sharon and Steve take alot of pride it their guest houses. They were very clean and spacious. They had compiled a list of their top places to eat in town with their favorites at the front. They also had over 200 DVDs, over 10 board games and a nintendo for guest use. We were blown away with this place and then Sharon came to the door with afternoon tea and cake.

We were both looking forward to fresh hot breakfast and we were not disappointed. Cereal, pancakes, yogurt, juice, eggs with optional tomato and mushrooms, toast, and bacon. Quite a bit better than the yogurt and museli we have become used to every morning

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