Friday, September 18, 2009

Dolphins and Koalas and Whales, Oh My!

We love noosa! After spending the day doing nothing but sleeping and surfing on the beach yesterday, we decided to get a little bit of excersize today.

We walked up the hill to the noosa national park to walk some of the trails and look for animals. We walked to the peak of the peninsula on the coast trail. Along the way we saw a pod of six or so dolphins feeding. It was the most amazing sight because we were standing on the top of a cliff watching them jump out of the water and dive for fish.

After watching them for a while we made our way up to the final lookout where we sat to watch whales on the horizon. After the whales we took the inner path back to the main park office. Along the way we saw a young lizard run up a tree and we also saw two lizards fighting in the trees. The landscape was beautiful. It was very thick jungle and the trees were so thick together that in some cases they would grow around each other in a spiral. There were sections of the path that were completely made up of boardwalk and sections that were all sand.

The entire walk we were looking up in the trees for koalas because we were told that there were alot around. Unfortunately we didn't see any and David was really disappointed.

When we finished the walk I decided to check out the info booth and take a look at the animal sightings board. The first note on the board said "koala sighting today, location: turn around, take three steps and look up to your right." There he was! The cutest koala bear! I called dave over and he freaked out! We stood watching him for so long before heading back to the hostal. All in all it was about a ten km walk.

On the way back we ran into keith who is one of our triathlon friends from the edmonton. The three of us ate lunch and hopped in the car to go to sunshine beach. We spent the afternoon body boarding and sleeping on the beach before driving back up to the park gates to show keith the koala. We lucked out! Our little friend was still there and there was another one eating!

Now we are drinking free wine that the hostal has given us after a dinner of stir fry a la stephanie and chocolate croissants. The boys are playing ping pong while I sit here and relax.... This is the life.


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