Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hervey Bay

David: Welcome to hervey bay yha (youth hostel).

Steph: this is the worst place I have ever stayed

David: I am sure you have stayed in worse?

Steph: pause .. No, no I haven't

What a place hervey bay is. This town is the harbour that connects to Fraser island which is a very popular tourist spot for whale tours, there 75 mile beach and more. We both firmly believe that without Fraser island, hervey bay would not exist.

We have our Fraser tour booked to leave tomorrow for 2 day 1 night. So today being free we thought we would spend relaxing on the beach. The focal point in hervey bay is the 800m long pier. This turned out to be the most exciting part in all of the town. The pier is this long because of large changes in tides. Today the tide was in and the beach was 5 feet wide. Not much room for a suntan.

As stated in the town info booklet we received there is no town center. They are not lying. A five minute drive along the beach proved this to be true. To fill our day we went to the marina and asked what afternoon tours are available to fill the time gap. So we are booked on a ferry ride to Fraser island and an afternoon at the kingfisher resort.

To return to the opening statement, while cooking dinner last night in the open air kitchen steph noticed 2small cocoons on the wall. Then she looked up... Bad idea. All along the rafters were dozens of small cocoons. As steph started her freakout I went to the front desk to inquire. The staff came back with me and informed us that they were mud nests built by wasps. This as I am sure you can imagine put steph in a comfortable state of mind. As a result my job for the night was to search every crack, corner, dark area, cupboard, confined space, under the dinner table, under the bed, in the sheets... For anything really.

Last night in this exciting and adventurous town. Oh and by the way I almost stepped on a big frog walking down the sidewalk


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