Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Noosa at Last!

This morning we woke up and packed up our house in surfers paradise. Dave went to pick up our rental car and after a brief mishap with the cars air conditioning and a car swap, we were on our way. We drove down to the wet and wild waterpark just outside of surfers. We spent three hours running aeound like we were five again. Dave had two favourite rides. The first was a racing ride where there were eight lanes and you raced down on mats. He kicked my but the first two times but the third race was really close and he won again. His second favorite ride was called the tornado. You sat in a four person tube and you flew down a steep slide and into a massive cone tilted on it's side where you whipped back and forth on the walls of the cone before you shot into the finish pool. My favorite ride was called the black hole. You went down a pitch black slide in a two person tube and you could not see a thing. I think I screamed the whole time.

After our time at the park we hoped in the car and atarted our trip to noosa. Dave is really good at driving on the left hand side of the road, although I do have to get after him every once and a while for drifting to the left. We made it here without any injury and the hostel in beautiful. It is in a heritage home on the top of a hill overlooking the beach. There is a massive veranda that wraps around the house where we sat to have a drink and dinner.

Yesterday we took a trip up to a mountain outside of surfers called tamborine mountain. At the top of the mountain there is the most incredible view and the cutest mountain town filled with wineries and small shops. We wondered the town and sat down for a wine rating and some good. Afterwards we walked down the main street and stopped in on a bunch of cute shops. When we went into the. Crystal shop I managed to find a beautiful pair of paridot stud earrings.

It has been a great couple of days and we could not be happier. We are in one of the most beautiful places on earth.


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