Thursday, September 10, 2009

Update from Surfers and Race Report #1

It has been a great week so far in surfers. We have been back and forth from the race site a lot and there has been a lot of time spent on the beach. Dave and I have some good tans and we are RELAXED! Yesterday was the opening ceremonies for the worlds and it was a blast! all family and friends were allowed to walk in the parade of nations as long as we wore Canada clothing. It was super cool to walk into the arena with people screaming for Canada and about 200 fellow canadians around you waving flags and cheering. We had opening ceremonies dinner in the biggest tent I have ever seen in my life! It was a simple pasta dinner but everyone was dancing on the tables and meeting other international team members. I think we bought half of the expo and all of the race merchandise and I have no idea how we plan on carrying it around. Other than that there in not much more to tell. It is race day tomorrow so we are just relaxing today. Maybe a few more hours on the beach this afternoon and a big pasta dinner tonight!


Race day tomorrow. Looks like we will probably not be wearing wetsuits as the water is over 22C. My rental bike has been a pleasant surprise and actually feels pretty good.

The aquathlon was wedensday and there were over 600 people racing. I had two. Good runs but a bad swim that was close to 20minutes for 1000. But tomorrow should be better. There will be a full race report coming soon. They have put on a great event here and have much outdone vancouver


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