Friday, September 11, 2009

Race Day

Dave: Race Day is here and what a great day for a world championship. The water somehow dropped almost 2C in the last two days so that we were allowed to wear wetsuits. All of us were up really early 545 and Ian was nice enough to drive the steph, jason, neil and myself down to the site. transition was set up really well and was very easy to navigate. We started the 1km walk to the swim start with wetsuit in hand.

The swim wnet realatively well I felt pretty good for all but about 2-4 minutes where my shoulders were sore. I got out of the water well in just under 26minutes which I was really happy with.

The run through transition is a little long especially in a wetsuit. I got on the bike and felt pretty good and my hips were a little tight. The bike course was full of 20-30 man packs with the draft marshalls doing nothing about stopping it. I tried to keep it honest for the first lap but it is frustrating to see people breaking the rules and not being penalized for it. On the second lap i got caught in a couple of packs and gained some time and effort, but overall the bike felt pretty good and not that hott. I got off the bike right beside jason (he started 9minutes after me) which I was actually happy with. I am guessing my bike time to be apx. 1:08 ish

Through transition and onto the run i still felt good but with hips still tight. For the most part I felt comfortable on the run and had a good time with it, lots of people cheering yelling. coming through the finish shoot steph passed me the big flag and I crossed the line very happy with the way the day went 2:22:20apx.

Great day for everyone here. Mens elite race starts in 2 hours so we are heading back to the site soon after a shower and some food. Pictures will be coming to facebook later tonight hopefully.

Thanks for all the support and messages from everyone it really helps.



Kenna said...

YEAH! Sounds like it went awesome, Dave! Your time is GREAT - congrats!

Anonymous said...

Good going David!